About Us

We develop products that change lives.

Mannatech pioneered the best naturally sourced supplements on the market and continues to advance the science behind them with our expanding product lines. Numerous people have experienced transformations by using our products and have been able to achieve long-term income with our life-changing opportunity. When you make something this exceptional, people take notice. 

Our reach has expanded to over 25 countries, and we have received recognition and validation for our cutting edge technology. We’ve continued to grow by adding new products to meet new demands. In short, we’re thriving!

Since our founding in 1994, some things have remained the same. We have an uncompromising promise to quality, and we offer one of the best compensation plans in the direct-selling industry. Most importantly, we still desire to make a difference in the world. That passion can be seen in our partnership with the Mission 5 Million Foundation, whose goal is to see 5 million children in need given proper nutrition with our natrually sourced product, PhytoBlend. For each qualified purchase made, Mannatech makes a donation to the M5M Foundation to help provide vital nutrients to malnourished children across the world.